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In one of our Vespa Tours, you will follow a set route either in a group or individually with a local experienced guide who will accompany you along the way, stopping at different locations to enjoy the view, visit the area and learn about its history and traditions.

You can choose between a SHARING VESPA TOUR or a PRIVATE TOUR.


Only with an organised VESPA TOUR you will be able to experience the beauty of the AMALFI COAST without the stress of getting lost, getting stuck in the traffic or not being able to park.  Only a local guide can take you to the best spots to visit and tell you things about the area, which only locals know.

If you are a solo traveller or perhaps a business man / woman traveling with only a few hours spare, with the SHARING VESPA TOUR you can join a group of people and have unexpected fun outside the business hours. The solo traveller can also book a PRIVATE TOUR to meet his/her own time requirements.

Attractions of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast in Italy offers breathtaking scenery and picturesque villages along the sea. Among the main destinations are Positano, with its colorful houses, Amalfi and its cathedral, Ravello with its gardens, the suggestive Fjord of Furore and the village of Vietri sul Mare famous for its ceramics.

Excursions such as the Path of the Gods and visits to Pompei and Herculaneum also enrich the experience. Beaches, coves and authentic places such as Cetara, Minori and Maiori complete the picture of this extraordinary coastal region.


Our Sharing Vespa Tours routes cover the whole area from Vietri sul Mare to Positano.  Tours generally start from Amalfi and include visits to Ravello, Atrani, Conca de Marini , Fjord of Furore , Praiano.  In the Sharing Tour, you will be joining other people, who have booked the same time slot. 

You should also try our Wine Tasting Tour, which includes stops in Amalfi , Atrani , Maiori , Minori and a visit to our Family run Winery in Tramonti for a unique wine tasting experience.


Our unique Private Tour will allow you to travel exclusively with our local guide, either by yourself or with your friends and family.  On request, you will also have a personal driver at your service.  You will be able to visit Ravello and Positano and stop at Atrani, Amalfi , Conca de Marini , Fjord of Furore , Praiano.  You will have the chance to visit Ravello’s Corals museum and enjoy a wonderful lunch in a recommended restaurant of your choice. 


The great perks included in your Package

All our vespa tours include the GoPro system on your helmet to allow you to film the tour and record your travel experience.  With the GoPro system you won’t miss a second of your tour and preserve it in your memory forever.  This will be in fact a unique opportunity to be able to relive your time on the Amalfi Coast any time you like! 

Our guide will take as many pictures as you like of yourselves posing by the best landscapes on the route.  Plenty of fabulous shots to post on your Social Media pages!

If you forget your GoPro memory card, your sunglasses or phone holder, don’t worry, you can purchase them from our Tours Shop.

If you love riding, but you don’t have a driving licence, with one of our drivers you won’t miss out on a VESPA TOUR. Just ask for this option, when you contact us.

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