Which ones are the 5 advantages of renting a scooter in Italy? 

Renting a scooter in ITALY for your vacation is the perfect solution to visit locations with small roads and areas with a lot of traffic.  So, which are the main advantages of travelling on a vespa rather than a car or public transport?


Italy’s traffic is sometimes chaotic, nevertheless, there are strict laws governing the roads. Only licensed drivers can rent a basic 125cc Vespa scooter, and more powerful scooters require a motorcycle license.

“Licensed” means that one must have a valid driver’s license from his/her home country plus, if from outside the EU, an international license, officially known as an International Driving Permit (IDP). To be issued an IDP the minimum age is 18, also for Vespa scooter rentals.

However, Italians can obtain a license to drive a 50cc scooter at the age of 14 and a 125cc scooter at 16.

There are very strict helmet laws, therefore all Vespa drivers and passengers are required to wear an approved helmet. Luckily, Vespa rentals or organized tours include the use of a helmet for the duration of the rental.

When you are renting a scooter in Italy for your summer holiday, it is wise to pack comfortable clothing to make it easier to get on and off the scooter and closed shoes that stay securely on your feet. Best to avoid anything that can get caught in the wheels. It’s also good to remember to wear a pouch or a rucksack to keep hands and shoulders free.

If you are renting a scooter in Italy or joining a VESPA TOUR, remember to take, as well as your driving licence, also your passport / EU ID document and your credit card.



When thinking about advantages of renting a scooter in Italy, traffic is maybe the first that comes to mind.

Traffic can, in fact, be a nuisance when traveling by car or by bus, because sometimes it is unavoidable to get stuck for hours waiting for the roads to clear.  Trains often don’t get you to the desired locations and taxis can be very costly.  Parking is often the other main issue.  Not knowing the area can make difficult to find the best place to park without spending a fortune in fees.

Renting a scooter in Italy or a motorbike can be the solution to avoid traffic and parking problems.  Many people, in fact, rent a scooter in Italy, especially when the roads are narrow and villages are difficult to reach.  The AMALFI COAST is a typical example of the perfect area for riding a VESPA to get around its bendy narrow roads and reach its beautiful villages perched on top of hills overlooking the sea.

However, it is advisable to practise riding a scooter before renting one to feel more comfortable and secure on the rented scooter.

Novices should opt for SHARING VESPA TOURS to ride more securely supervised by the guide, especially on the Amalfi Coast’s hairpin curves. Joining a group would make also easier to avoid mistaking some Italian road signs and road rules, as things may be different than what you’re used to in your home country.

Busy roads are always a challenge for an unexperienced driver, especially someone coming from a different country. When riding a VESPA, it is easier to move around in congested roads, but it is also essential to know the way round for safety reasons.  In guided tours, holiday makers can follow the guide and feel more confident riding around.



Newbies may want to ride on their own.  Also, people traveling alone may enjoy the idea of a SHARING VESPA TOUR to meet others in a group headed by a local guide, who will take you to the best locations in the area.  It is often the case of business men /women who are traveling alone and have limited time on their hands to visit the area.

It’s fun to ride a Vespa in Italy, whether it’s on your own or with a passenger keeping in mind that the scooter is a bit more of a challenge to manoeuvre, if there are two people on board.

If you’re an experienced driver, you can have a friend hop on for the ride. If you and your group are new to the Vespa, it’s better to opt to ride alone and have each person in your group ride their scooter. It may be more expensive, but it’ll be safer and more fun for everyone. Traveling families should be aware that there is a minimum age (five years old) rule and a height requirement for Vespa passengers, therefore not all kids will be able to ride.



If you decide to join a Vespa tour, you can leave the navigation to the experts.

You don’t need to be an experienced driver to enjoy the thrill of exploring Italy by Vespa. There are a several Vespa tours that include a driver, as an option, so that you can hop on as a passenger and concentrate on the landscapes rather than navigating traffic.

These tours are not just safer and stress-free, but are led by specialized local guides, who will allow you to combine a sightseeing or food itinerary with an authentic Italian Vespa adventure.

A SHARING VESPA TOUR can be the worries-free solution to visit the best locations and experience the local life style, without having to spend hours searching and planning your trip.


When you are driving a car is often difficult to stop where you want to take a shot of a beautiful landscape, because there are no parking slots where you want them to be.  So stressful to miss out on a good selfie!

Parking fees are often very high or limited to short stays, therefore you may have to reduce your time to that particular place due to these problems.

A typical situation in Italy, for example in the AMALFI COAST, is reaching the centre of old towns located on the top of hills because of traffic limitations and small bendy roads leading to it.

If you are renting a scooter in Italy all these issues don’t apply.  A VESPA can offer total freedom of movement, allowing you to reach quickly and painlessly your desired locations, riding moderately to enjoy the view and stopping where you want to take pictures of the best landscapes.


The 5 advantages of renting a scooter in Italy are that you can use a standard driving licence, avoiding traffic and costly parking, traveling alone or with your partner or friends, moving around in total freedom.  And why not joining a SHARING VESPA TOUR to make your vacation even easier and more fun?

Even better a PRIVATE TOUR to allow you to choose who you travel with, the locations at the time you prefer.


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